Sales Tips – 4 NLP Tips for Boosting Your Sales

Even the most successful salesperson needs sales tips to improve his performance. The problem is that not every piece of advice leads you in the right direction.

The reality is that the selling methods which are not based on psychology simply do not bring results. They are mechanical and lack individuality.

NLP and other closely related psychological methods, such as covert hypnosis, on the other hand, work effectively because they are suited to each individual prospect.

It is essential for you to master the entire NLP process, but you will also need many NLP sales tips to make it work with any prospect in any situation.

1) Create positive and pleasant associations with your product.

This is one of the fundamental NLP sales tips. Formally, this approach is called anchoring.

Your task is to create an anchor, an association, with the product. The anchor has to trigger a “spark” in the prospect to buy the product.

You don’t have to know the prospect well to use this technique. You can use some universal anchors that have been tested and proven to work.

Let’s say you are trying to sell a bread maker. You can readily say, “With this bread maker, you make bread that smells and tastes exactly like the bread your grandma used to take out of the oven every morning.”

The prospect might not have had a grandma who made bread, but he automatically imagines a nice old lady serving him the best bread ever. In turn, a desire is triggered to have that bread “every morning”.

The end result is that the prospect wants the product and buys it. This one of the NLP sales tips works like magic.

2) Devise more psychologically subtle questions for identifying the prospect’s needs.

One of the best sales tips you will ever get is to ask questions to figure out what the prospect needs exactly. The problem is that in many cases you cannot simply ask, “What do you need?”

In order to find the right path to reaching the prospect and identifying his needs, you have to ask questions that will bring you more and more precise information. At the same time, these questions have to be less commanding. This is one of the key sales tips.

You can choose from a variety of effective NLP questions, such as “What are the current issues with the product you are using?”, “What goals will you achieve with the help of this product?”, “What features would make you interested in a product?” and “Would you be interested in a product that offers (list features and benefits)?”

3) Use pattern interrupts to overcome objections.

This is one of the main NLP sales tips that I can give you. Your task is to interrupt the pattern of thinking and to divert the thoughts of the prospect to something else. The key to success is to use the right phrases and words.

Let’s say that the prospect is complaining about the higher price. A great way to deal with the objection would be to say, “The real issue is not with the price, but with the value you will get for your money.”

You are seemingly staying on the same subject, but you are actually setting a totally new direction. After interrupting the pattern, you can go on to list the monetary and intrinsic benefits the prospect will get from buying the product.

4) Use a position of authority to close more sales.

People find it more difficult to make objections when a statement comes from a position of authority. Similarly, it is natural to trust a position of authority and to follow lead it has set.

You can readily do some research related to your product and quote renowned institutes or individuals, when linking the product’s features to the prospect’s needs in the NLP process.

For instance, “The most renowned fashion designers say the long skirts, just like this one here, are the most fashionable garments this season.”

This is a simple example, but you can elaborate on it by using the name of a real person and his actual words.

Use this one of the NLP sales tips, as it works every time.

You have just learned a number of useful sales tips. Keep expanding your knowledge to close even more sales.

Among the many reasons you’ve already thought of to learn more you become aware of the main reason now.