Boutique Hotels – New York

The boutique hotel is the term used in US and United Kingdom and generally denotes some of the hotels which ware quite unique and at the same time luxurious and provide the quirky hotel environments. These types of hotels have really caught the eyes of most of the travelers as they find it quite comfortable than the other types of hotels.

I am listing below some kind of hotels which are definitely among the best hotels out here in New York. They are as follows:

1. The Benjamin New York City, NY:

This is one of the boutique hotels which are quite popular in out here. It is truly a very important place and believe me that it is quite sexy and romantic hotel to be in. the furniture out here is of such a high quality that you will find yourself lost in this hotel. The staff crew is also well trained and you will definitely find them to be of very high standard.

The Benjamin provides a great comfort in the boutique style to the business as well as the leisure travelers. That is why all the business as well as the boutique travelers tries to stay in this hotel. Even if you do not know about this hotel then I really feel that you will know about it after reading this article and I am quite sure that you will find the hotel Benjamin to be a great hotel.

2. The Gramercy Park Hotels- New York City:

The Gramercy hotel has been designed by Ian Schrager’s long time partners, Michael Overington and Anda Andrei. They have also taken the help from some of the hotels with a little help from some of Ian’s friends, including the painter Julian Schnabel. I must say that this is one of the best hotels out here in New York. The cost is also quite low and I really feel that you will enjoy living out here.

3. The Brayant Park Hotel, New York

The New York is a city where you will find thousands of hotels. You will find the boutique hotels as well in quite a good number. The Brayant Park hotel is another hotel where you can experience the energetic life. The address of this hotel is 40 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018.

I would just request you to visit these boutique hotels and I am quite sure that I would not be required to make any more requests in front of you. I really feel that you will find yourself find out that these hotels are simply great and are really different from other kinds of hotels.