The Ultimate Camping Supply Checklist Guide – What Makes a Good Camping Tent?

Some folks who have never been to a camping trip before somehow have this idea of camping similar to living on a Survivor-island television show. Well, there are certain similarities of course, if you take out the million dollar prize money.

But seriously, a camping trip need not mean that you have to live in harsh conditions just to experience and enjoy the beauty in nature. Some people prefer to live in comfort even in the wilderness and that is where a good camping tent makes all the difference.

So what makes a good camping tent? One that makes you feel that you are truly living in the outdoors, and the same time not making you feel like a contestant in Survivor? Below are some general guidelines on what makes a good camping tent, and make sure to include them in your camping supply checklist!

1. Size Does Matters –

A good camping tent by any measure is one that is spacious enough for any and all of your camping needs. By spacious of course, we mean one with lots of leg and elbow room for all your fellow campers to sleep comfortably without hitting one another in the face. A good camping tent is also one with a comfortable standing height, otherwise how are you going to change your pants easily?

2. Easy to Assemble –

Why bother with complicated camping tents that need few pages of manual to set up when a good one can be assembled within minutes? Although you do have the luxury of time in these camping trips, you also need to minimize the time setting up your tents. Find one that comes with a detailed set of instructions and ask for a demonstration if you need to before buying. Make sure it can be set up in approximately 20 minutes.

3. The Less Accessories, the Better –

Some camping tents come with so many parts and accessories that if you happen to lose one of them, chances are your tent will end up looking like some deflated air balloon. And knowing that there is a good possibility that things get lost easily outdoors, try to choose a camping tent that comes with less accessories. Of course, the essential ones like tent poles, tent lines and bolts are necessary to hold your tent in place.

4. Durability –

You should think about choosing a tent that can withstand different types of weather conditions. Take your time in choosing one that you can afford and one that you will enjoy living in. Inspect the seams for extra reinforcements. Look out for tents with breathable nylon walls. Aluminum poles are lightweight and strong.

5. Roomy and Comfortable –

A good camping tent by any means is one with large, airy windows and moon roofs that can allow good air circulation, at the same time keeping you warm at night. Tents with proper ventilation mechanics also help to add the comfort while playing cards and telling ghost stories at night. More importantly, a good camping tent is one that makes the camping trip more memorable and enjoyable for everyone!